Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Moving to Tokyo - What's a Green Thumb to Do?

My husband just got a great job in Tokyo! Yeah! My husband just got a great job in Tokyo! Eeeeek! Gardening, in particular organic gardening, in particular permaculture is the thing that makes me feel like me, more than anything else. Sure, being a mom and wife are the most important things to me. But my garden is where I recharge. I've always wanted more garden space, never imagined less. I've always imagined a sabbatical of some kind, but I was thinking somewhere with space, like Argentina or Australia never Tokyo.

But then the optimist, the problem solver in me kicked in. Maybe I need the challenge. I can't imagine providing any inspiration in a permaculture rock star place like Australia but Tokyo, now there is a challenge.

But it will be a while before this blog can be about gardening there. It will, for now, be more about thinking here. The planned move is certainly going to affect how I process the PDC (permaculture design course) I am currently taking through the Regenerative Design Institute. So wish me luck and will someone please help me get rid of all my stuff? eeeeeekkkkkk