Monday, March 14, 2011

Day three and four after the quake

We spent Monday as an almost entirely normal day. My son went to Kindergarten. The only change was they decided not to offer the afterschool program because of the expected rolling outages. These never happened. It was also an unseasonably warm, lovely day. My daughter and I went to lunch at a Cafe. The Cafe was closing early because of the expected outages but otherwise seemed to still be able to offer everything on its menu. I really appreciated the fresh bread roll as bread is one of the staples in short supply at the store.
We went to visit our corner beer store (has a keg as well as a lot of different kind of beers and a small selection of food) to see how they fared in the quake. They lost very little which really surprised me given how high they stack things. Even though the government was saying there was a 70% chance of another big quake this week, they did not remove things from their shelves.

Today both kids went to school and I got in line at the store to buy bread, milk and water. I was there 30 minutes before the store opened, you can see where my backpack is in line. The store quickly filled with people and it was an orderly frenzy. Things would clearly run out quickly. I was bummed I was on my bike as I could only carry so much.
I then went to the dentist. It seemed so unreal to be doing something so normal like getting my teeth cleaned. But I also had to give them the last of my cash. There has been a bit of a run at the banks for cash just like this weekend there was a run for rice and gas. But still, everyone seems pretty relaxed considering what is going on up north and the prediction that we will see another quake this week.

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